Jackson Laboratory Employer Office Hours - Mon April 4th – 1 to 3pm

Mon April 4th – 1 to 3pm

Explore postdoctoral research opportunities in genomic medicine at the Jackson Laboratory which is recruiting outstanding Postdoctoral Associates for our expanding research campuses in Bar Harbor, Maine, and Farmington, Conn. With over 80 years of cutting edge research in genetics and a promising future in genomic medicine, The Jackson Laboratory has been repeatedly voted among the top 15 “Best Places to work in Academia”. As a Postdoctoral Associate you will contribute to our important mission of discovering precise genomic solutions for disease and empowering the global biomedical community in our shared quest to improve human health. Sign up for a 30-minute time-slot to speak with Heather Dillon in a group of up to five graduate students, and bring your CV! In her current role at The Jackson Laboratory, Heather serves as an ambassador for JAX research and educational programs and assists the laboratory with recruiting research talent. 

Is graduation more than a year or so away? Not sure if Jackson Labs or a postdoc is for you? If so, this event is also an excellent educational opportunity to assist you with exploring this or other postdoctoral possibilities in the future.

GSAS students: Please register through Crimson Careers.

Postdocs: Please register by emailing Maureen Hilton directly at mhilton@fas.harvard.edu – please provide your full name and the 30 minute time slot that works best for your schedule: 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, or 2:30pm.