Agile Life Science: How To Make Changes In Healthcare, Biology and Nearly Everything People Use

Join us for a discussion about biotech startups and venture capital with IndieBio, a leading biotechnology accelerator in San Francisco. Having funded 55 companies in the past two years, IndieBio has ushered in a new generation of biotech entrepreneurs that have discovered novel applications for food, neuroscience, consumer goods and healthcare.

We will discuss trends that are changing the economics, scale and impact of biotechnology. Postgraduate entrepreneurs are translating their research to market within the span of a year, innovating in healthcare and sustainability and generating biological and medical data. We will discuss the mechanics and role of venture capital as well, both when it is and is not useful.

We will also review case studies of startups with PhD, MD and faculty founders: SyntheX (therapeutics platform), DxRX (outcome based telemedicine), Catalog Technologies (Data Storage in DNA), and Memphis Meats (sustainable meat without livestock).

Ron Shigeta, PhD is the Chief Science Officer of IndieBio. He studied biophysics at Princeton and Harvard Medical School and is now a serial entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Cameron Meyer Shorb is the Innovation Coordinator for the Good Food Institute. The Good Food Institute promotes the use of food technology and markets to develop alternatives to factory-farmed products. Cameron studied biology at Carleton College.

When: Friday, March 17, at 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Where: TMEC 227, Harvard Medical School

Lunch will be provided.