HBI Alumni

Over the years, the HBI has developed a network of alumni working in various non-academic careers, including consulting, investing, patent law, and biopharma.


















Alex Simon, PhD

Large Account and Corporate Development Manager, Genomic Vision

“Working with the HBI fundamentally shaped my perception of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. At the incubator, we learned how to approach the commercialization of science from numerous angles, all while leveraging our technical backgrounds. During my time at the HBI, I gained the confidence to tackle the curriculum of an MBA program. Furthermore, in my current role in sales and business development at a diagnostics company, I reflect daily on the lessons learned while working with the excellent students, post-docs, and professors that constitute the HBI.”


Yijie (EJ) Ma, PhD

Strategy Consultant - Life Sciences, Trinity Partners

“My two year experience with the Harvard Biotech Incubator has been phenomenal. I gained a significant level of understanding of the whole process of pharmaceutical development and commercialization from the perspective of the entrepreneur. During training, I grew from a novice apprentice to a key integral member of the projects and eventually pitched to real investors. So, it's not a simulation! It's real-world experience! What's more? This experience helped me land more than a dozen job interviews ranging from pharmaceutical companies to investment banks and consulting firms. As a management consultant in life sciences now, my daily job resembles a lot the training I received from the Harvard Biotech Incubator - it is that relevant.”


Sofia Carlton, PhD

Scientific Strategy Scientist, Innovation and Technology Group, Evelo Biosciences

“Working with the HBI provided a unique hands-on experience of starting to build a company, conducting explorations into disease areas beyond my field of research, and thinking through all the steps of developing and commercializing medicines. I cannot emphasize enough how useful and practical the lessons I learned at HBI were, and how I leverage them on a daily basis in my position at a biotech company, exploring new disease areas and helping expand our pre-clinical programs. HBI is also a great opportunity to work with talented and like-minded peers and to get invaluable mentorship from highly accomplished industry and academic experts. Being part of HBI was highly valued throughout my job interview process and gave me the skills to successfully transition from academia to industry. HBI is a game changer for folks wanting to work in industry.”


Harshal Zope, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist, WaveGuide Corporation

“During my time at the Harvard Biotech Incubator (HBI), we worked on Raqia technology to develop a business plan and the experience I have gained throughout the process is phenomenal. Before joining HBI, I understood the science well, but later, I realized how naïve I was in commercializing science. My training at HBI helped me understanding the pharmaceutical product development in a multifaceted way. Currently, I am working with a diagnostic company and I can’t stress enough how important it was for me to join HBI. Most of the skills I am using currently to perform business development at my current position were acquired at HBI. Simply put a real-world experience!”


Zach Collins, PhD

Analyst, BioInnovation Capital

“Working with HBI gave me the hands-on experience I’ve needed to succeed in my career outside of the lab. Fred and Carl taught me valuable lessons that guide my diligence on potential investments. At HBI, I learned how to map regulatory paths to the clinic, analyze competitive landscapes, and practiced evaluating technologies completely outside of my field. My work at HBI came up frequently in job interviews and allowed me to hit the ground running when I started at my new position. Few opportunities at HMS can teach you as much as this one. If you are interested in learning how ideas go from the bench to the clinic, HBI is for you.”