November 15, 2017

Company: Regeneron

Position: Pharmacogenomics Statistical Analyst
Location: Tarrytown, NY, US; Boston, MA, US (remote)


Position Summary
The Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, whose goals are to apply large scale human genetics to identify new drug targets and to guide the development of therapeutics programs and precision medicine. Building upon Regeneron's strengths in mouse genetics and genetics-driven drug discovery and development, the RGC specializes in ultra-high-throughput exome sequencing, large scale informatics and data analysis encompassing genomics and electronic health records, and translating genetic discoveries into new biology and drug discovery opportunities. The RGC leverages multiple approaches including large population based studies, Mendelian genetics and family based studies, founder population genetics, and large-scale disease focused projects and has developed a network of over 50 collaborations with research organizations around the world. Including some of the largest sequencing studies in the world, such as the DiscovEHR study in collaboration with Geisinger Health System, and an initiative to sequence 500,000 participants with the UK Biobank, the RGC has built one of the largest human genetics databases, including sequence data from over several hundred thousand participants and rapidly growing. Our interests encompass a breadth of different areas across all therapeutic areas and the RGC is highly integrated into all facets of research and development at Regeneron. Program goals include target discovery, indication discovery, and patient-disease stratification. Objectives include advancing basic science around
the world through public sharing of discoveries, providing clinically-valuable insights to physicians and providers of collaborating health-care systems, improving patient outcomes, and identifying novel targets for drug development.

This position is responsible for performing association studies using genetic and genomic data, ranging from small candidate gene studies to larger genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in the support of clinical development programs. This position is part of the pharmacogenomics group, responsible for developing and implementing genetic/genomic strategies across all phases of clinical development and working across several therapeutic areas. This position requires frequent interactions with clinical teams and global project teams across Regeneron.

This position is part of the pharmacogenomics group responsible for developing and implementing genetic/genomic strategies across all phases of clinical development and across several therapeutic areas. This position requires frequent interactions with biostatisticians, epidemiologists and clinical scientists to advise and plan statistical data analysis. This position also requires working in concert with other members of the Regeneron Genetics Center utilizing other large cohorts, datasets and analysis tools. The position will require significant cross-functional responsibilities, communicating results and findings to key internal stakeholders and external collaborators, so an ability to communicate very clearly is required.
Major activities:
     •     Design and conduct pharmacogenomic analysis studies: both candidate gene and genome-wide analysis
     •     Interface with clinical teams, research scientists, statisticians, and global project teams
     •     Provide statistical data interpretation and present data to internal stakeholders and project teams
     •     Publish key findings and attend conferences

     •     PhD in biostatistics, with a strong background in genetics or a PhD in genetics/molecular biology with MS in biostatistics
     •     Strong background in biostatistics and/or statistical genetics
     •     Strong background in genetics and/or molecular biology preferable
     •     Previous experience performing genetic association studies required
     •     Proficient in scripting and programming in R, Perl/Python in a Linux environment
     •     Proficiency working with and manipulating large genomic data sets, familiarity with statistical software (e.g., Plink, BCFtools,   
            SnpSift) for management/annotation/analysis of genomic datasets
     •     Experience working with Next-Generation Sequencing data preferable
     •     Broad scientific knowledge
     •     Experience in clinical development desirable
     •     Ability to work well in a team environment
     •     Excellent presentation and communication skills (essential)


Apply to and search the req #10339BR or follow this direct link:

This is an opportunity to join our select team that is already leading the way in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry. Apply today and learn more about Regeneron’s unwavering commitment to combining good science & good business.


October 28, 2017:

Company: nference

Position: Computer/Data Scientist & Research Scientist 

Company Description: The world's biomedical knowledge is huge, and it keeps growing exponentially; each of can only read the small and ever-shrinking fraction of the existing documents pertinent to our work. To tackle this problem, nference leverages machine learning for the real-time automated extraction of knowledge from the commercial, scientific, and regulatory bodies of literature. Importantly, we pair our MIT/Stanford/Harvard trained AI and data science team with clinical scientists from the Harvard-MIT MD/PhD program and genomics experts from the Broad Institute to both identify translationally relevant questions and triangulate results to these queries using molecular analytics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc) and other public and proprietary datasets.  This approach allows our firm to offer a diverse set of applications ranging from R&D to commercial strategy and operations in the life sciences ecosystem. Pay is competitive, and although nference is seeking full-time employees, we are open to hiring part-time employees and interns. Website:

Position Description: Computer/Data Scientist  

We are seeking computer/data science experts to help advance the design, development, and engineering of the rapidly growing spectrum of client-facing UIs for nferX (nference's knowledge synthesis platform). You will also build custom applications to analyze and visualize public and proprietary datasets, and integrate these data with existing nferX infrastructure. JavaScript and Python experience highly preferred. Interested applicants should email an introduction with a resume/portfolio to Mark Kalinich ( 

Position Description: Research Scientist

We are seeking bioengineers, systems biologists, and bioinformatics experts to leverage the nferX platform to identify novel and translationally significant findings from our knowledge synthesis platform and validate these results through the analysis of both public and proprietary structured datasets (genomic/transcriptomic/proteomic data, drug screens, etc.). Research areas will be project-focused, and successful applicants should expect to present to both the nference team and our clients. Basic coding experience not required, but preferred. Interested applicants should email an introduction and resume/CV to Mark Kalinich (


September 1, 2017:

Company: Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds

Position: Patent Attorney or Patent Agent (Biotechnology)

You can have it all! Be part of a dynamic IP practice. Build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Contribute to deeply meaningful and interesting work in a collaborative, team environment. And enjoy unparalleled work and home life balance.

We seek an associate with 2-4 years of patent prosecution experience and an advanced degree in immunology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or related discipline. The successful candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of patent drafting and prosecution experience for U.S. and foreign clients, and an advanced degree, Ph.D. preferred. Registration with the USPTO and outstanding writing and interpersonal skills required. J.D. from an accredited law school preferred.

Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds offers a competitive salary, top-flight benefits and is the firm that will allow you to make the most of your education and experience, while enjoying a superior work and home life balance in Boston or the beautiful Boston suburb of Concord.

If you would like to step out of the pack and into a highly visible role on our dedicated team, please send your resume and cover letter to:

Director of Human Resources
Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.
530 Virginia Road, PO Box 9133
Concord, MA 01742-9133
OR email:
Please see our website at

August 25, 2017:

Company: Wolf Greenfield

Position: Technology Specialist*

*Please note that we do not have any current openings in the Biotech practice. However, we anticipate hiring in mid-2018.

What is a technology specialist? In the legal world, a technology specialist (tech spec) is an individual whose educational background is in science or engineering and decides to embark on a career in patent law.  Having a robust background in science or engineering is essential for anyone interested in pursuinga career in patent law. What is not required is prior legal experience or a degree in law. All that is required is a strong foundation in engineering or science, a love of learning new technology and a passion for working with others.  Typical responsibilities of our tech specs include:

•           Reviewing technical disclosures and participating in client interviews to understand new inventions;

•           Searching literature and patent databases to determine the patentability of inventions;

•           Drafting written assessments of the prospects of obtaining patent protection;

•           Writing patent applications;

•           Preparing responses to communications from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office;

•           Developing arguments for patentability to Patent Office Examiners; and

•           Reviewing patents as part of the IP due diligence for a potential acquisition or merger.

Technology Specialists at Wolf Greenfield pursue one of two tracks:

•           Patent Attorney Track:  After at least one year with the firm gaining valuable on-the-job experience, we anticipate that you will enroll in a part-time law school evening program.  The firm supports your education by reducing your billable hour requirement and covering the cost of tuition and books.  The part-time law school program typically takes four years to complete.  Upon graduating, taking the bar exam, and being admitted to practice law, you will transition to the role of Associate.

•           Patent Agent Track:  On the Patent Agent Track, you will enjoy the same types of challenging work and professional development opportunities, with a reduced billable hour requirement.  Your training and on-the-job experience will help you develop your career as a seasoned Patent Agent.  The opportunity to participate in the firm's law school program will not be offered to someone in this position.

Qualifications: Candidates must have an advanced degree in biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, biological sciences or a related discipline.

To view our current openings, please visit Questions? Email us at