The TechAtlas Healthcare team within RA Capital focuses on critically evaluating the technical landscapes surrounding select disease indications. Our associates research high interest therapeutic areas and identify all the relevant technologies (e.g. drugs, devices, diagnostics, and procedures) on the market or in development. Ultimately, associates are expected to truly understand the competitive landscape, produce a vision of how the market will likely unfold, determine how companies are positioned to perform, and convey relevance of data to the investment team.


Associates will need to demonstrate an ability to rapidly understand and clearly communicate complicated information.

They will attend scientific and investor conferences, meet with companies, and interview experts (e.g. researchers, physicians, insurance company executives, regulatory consultants, etc.)in an effort to map out competitive markets and identify key market opportunities.

When associates have demonstrated commanding knowledge and understanding of particular subject matter, they will also have the opportunity to consult with executives, key opinion leaders, and colleagues who want to discuss a technical landscape in more detail.


As a TechAtlas Associate, you will use your scientific training to gain a data-driven understanding of strategic drivers in the biomedical industry and apply that knowledge to new advancements in medical technology.

The fast-paced, excellence-driven environment of TechAtlas provides a unique experience at the interfaceof biotechnology, business development, investing, and consulting that supports professional growth and cultivates skills to have a broad impact on the future of human health.


We are looking for curious, intelligent, and driven individuals capable of delivering results in a timely manner and at the highest levels of quality. We demand a strong scientific background and will provide training in all other aspects of our analysis. Applicants need to be results-oriented people who work well both independently and as part of a team.


BA/BS/MS with additional related experience, PhD, MD, degree in biology or related field .


At RA Capital, we take an evidence-based approach to investing globally in innovative healthcare and life sciences companies. We strive to recognize success early and to appreciate the full extent of value creation of which a company is capable.

Because of our breadth of research and a unique business structure that accommodates both public and private investments, our portfolio integrates what we believe are the most compelling opportunitiesfor value creation in our industry. Our understanding of scientific and business risks and best practices is derived from our well-curated collection of thousands of case studies that document the impact

on valuation and business viability of clinical trial design, partnership structures, public market dynamics, and many other factors.

We make our knowledge base available to our portfolio companies and, through our outreach efforts, to the broader healthcare and life science community.



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