Postdoctoral Scientist - Parkinson's Disease



The Neuromuscular and Movement Disorders Department at Biogen is seeking a highly motivated, creative and independent Postdoctoral Research Fellow to join Dr. Andreas Weihofen and Dr. Warren Hirst’s lab which is responsible for bringing new targets and therapeutic strategies from discovery to development for Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.

Job Description

Alpha-synuclein plays a causative role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease. Disruption of numerous intracellular trafficking steps induced by changes in alpha-synuclein homeostasis, distribution and interaction with specific membranes, is hypothesized to drive alpha-synuclein pathophysiology. Using transcriptional profiling studies in cell-based alpha-synuclein models we have identified a discrete set of genes that are differentially expressed before alpha-synuclein induced neurotoxicity is observed. These genes can be linked to pathways related to dysfunction in the early secretory pathway, fatty acid and phospholipid biosynthesis. The aim of the postdoc is to address following key questions: 
-How do genes identified in transcriptional profiling studies: lipidome and dyshomeostasis of alpha-synuclein membrane binding contribute to alpha-synuclein cell toxicity, specifically related to organelle trafficking dysfunction and to α-syn secretion in cell-based alpha-synuclein models? 
-Can the pathophysiology of novel alpha-synuclein propagation mouse models be corrected by genes & molecules modulating lipidome? 
The successful candidate will be responsible for applying a wide range of cellular, biochemical and molecular biology techniques to address these key questions. These will include advanced cell-based assays, with primary and iPSC-derived neurons, CRISPR, lipidomic analysis and in vivo studies in transgenic and other Parkinson’s disease mouse models.


The successful candidate must possess significant understanding of basic neurobiology of neurodegenerative diseases and mechanisms of neurodegeneration and a strong desire to learn and perform neurology research in an industry setting. Prior knowledge in alpha-synuclein or lipid biology is a plus. 
•Experience in culturing and manipulating primary or iPSC derived neurons and basic knowledge in handling mice is desired.
•Strong communication & interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative research environment will be required.
•The successful candidate should have a proven track record of independent research, demonstrated by impactful scientific publications.


Ph.D. degree in the areas of Neurobiology, Cell Biology or similar relevant field.

To apply, please contact Evgeny Shlevkov directly at