Celdara Medical



Celdara Medical, LLC (CM) is building a portfolio of early-stage therapies. Each of these is at a different stage of development with a different development path, but all aim to save lives and/or improve quality of life.

CM is seeking an outstanding individual with a strong background in biomedical science to work with the scientific team on a variety of technical and strategic initiatives. Applicants require demonstrated technical experience in the field, ie: a minimum of 5 years of full time laboratory experience.

We love data, data comes from the lab, and this is a lab position where the rigorous generation of high quality – and sometimes regulated – data is the measure of success. Successful candidates will thrive on collaboration and a in a team-based environment.



Support the Research and Development goals of the organization:

  • Perform multiple experimental assays and maintain relevant lab samples and materials

  • Analyze, synthesize, and communicate data to both technical and non-technical colleagues and collaborators

  • Write, maintain, and troubleshoot experimental protocols


  • Integrity, i.e. commitments must be bankable

  • Strong sense of responsibility for deadlines and accurate data

  • Ability to deliver results in a highly independent environment

  • Rigor and attention to detail in all aspects of science

  • Demonstrated laboratory experience with:  Cell culture, protein analysis, flow cytometry, immunoassays, protein production and purification

  • Flexibility and mental agility

  • Enjoyment of diverse areas of science

  • Excellent time-management skills

  • Strong spoken and written communication skills

  • Enjoy collaboration and a team-based environment

  • Bachelor’s degree in scientific or medically-relevant field

  • Broad knowledge of laboratory techniques and/or other specialized knowledge

  • Work authorization



Celdara builds academic and early-stage inventions into high-potential medical companies. We identify technologies with exceptional clinical potential, build businesses around them in close collaboration with their inventor(s), and spin out daughter companies for trade sale or A round investment.


Please send your cover letter and resume to hr@celdaramedical.com.