The Harvard Biotech Incubator (HBI) focuses on developing and applying marketable skills and strategies to prepare students and postdoctoral fellows for successful careers in biotechnology. Our team collaborates with industry leaders to bring a novel idea or technology from the laboratory bench to the market.  HBI members perform due diligence, develop products, craft business plans, and even pitch technologies to investors. The Incubator serves as hands-on, practical experience for curious and motivated students and postdocs. 




Carl Novina, MD, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School
  • Associate Member, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT 
  • Expertise in biology of non-coding RNAs and use as biomedical tools


Fred Mermelstein, PhD

  • Entrepreneur in Residence at Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Chairman of the Board Pear Tree Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board Linus Oncology, Inc. 
  • Member of the Boston Harbor Angels                                                          
  • Former CEO/President of Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Robert Distel, PhD

  • Special Advisor for Technology Development, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Former member of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research at Dana Farber           
  • Former director of Dana Farber Translational Research Laboratory
  • Former Associate director of the Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technology, Harvard Catalyst




Cellular Immunotherapy for Treating Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases



Enteromics, Inc. 

 Enteromics is a newly formed company that has acquired the worldwide intellectual property rights for the use of naturally occurring bacteria molecularly engineered for detection and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Enteromics’ strategy is to modify bacterial membranes with specific proteins that bind specifically to diseased tissues sparing normal healthy tissue. Enteromics’ bacteria are further modified to carry a wide range of payloads such as light-emitting molecules for direct visualization; non-invasive imaging dyes for virtual imaging including PET, CT and MRI scanning; molecules that modulate inflammatory states; and chemotherapeutic compounds. Enteromics’ platform technology enables detection, imaging and treatment of a wide range of conditions caused by inflammation, erosion, abnormal cell growth, and cancer.




Raqia is a private development stage company based in Boston, MA focused on a platform technology for reprogramming the body’s own pre-existing genome to permanently correct aberrant gene expression that leads to abnormal function and disease. Using epigenetic engineering, the scientists at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Dr. Carl Novina’s lab have designed a split enzyme methylase system (“SEME”) that can be used both ex-vivo and with systemic administration to alter the expression of genes that can cause a wide range of diseases from blood disorders to cancer. Working with this epigenetic reprogramming platform technology developed in Dr. Novina's laboratory, HBI members performed due diligence on genetic targets and indications and presented their findings. Product profile sheets were produced for the leading indications and a business plan was completed for this novel first-in-class epigenetic engineering platform. 



"Working with the HBI fundamentally shaped my perception of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. At the incubator, we learned how to approach the commercialization of science from numerous angles, all while leveraging our technical backgrounds. During my time at the HBI, I gained the confidence to tackle the curriculum of an MBA program. Furthermore, in my current role in sales and business development at a diagnostics company, I reflect daily on the lessons learned while working with the excellent students, post-docs, and professors that constitute the HBI." - Alex Simon, PhD - Harvard Business School, Genomic Vision

"My two year experience with the Harvard Biotech Incubator has been phenomenal. I gained a significant level of understanding of the whole process of pharmaceutical development and commercialization from the perspective of the entrepreneur. During training, I grew from a novice apprentice to a key integral member of the projects and eventually pitched to real investors. So, it's not a simulation! It's real-world experience! What's more? This experience helped me land more than a dozen job interviews ranging from pharmaceutical companies to investment banks and consulting firms.  As a management consultant in life sciences now,  my daily job resembles a lot the training I received from the Harvard Biotech Incubator - it is that relevant." - Yijie (EJ) Ma, PhD - Trinity Partners

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HBI accepts new members each fall. Please check back August 2018 if you are interested in joining our team.

For more information please contact: hbincubator@gmail.com